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Lleida: travel to the city

of the two cathedrals

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Lleida is a city with an arid Mediterranean climate, with very cold and humid winters and hot summers. The city has had many names throughout its history; Iberians called it Iltiŕta, Romans called it Ilerda, Arabs called Leyda… Its current name goes back to the Middle Ages and there is proof of settlements in the area that go as far back as the Bronze Age.

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The city preserves a rich historical and artistic legacy, a witness of all the cultures that lived in this city throughout history. Part of its heritage of cultural interest are the two cathedrals, Seu Vella and Seu Nova, the Palace of La Paeria or the Old Hospital of Santa Maria.

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Culture lovers can find many different activities in the city: the Regional Diocesan Museum, the Enric Granados Local Auditorium, Escorxador Theatre of the future Museum of Science and Climate.

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Natural spaces

We must not forget to add its many parks and natural spaces, such as Parc del Segre, Parc de la Mitjana -a river area with leisure spots-, the romantic Camps Elisis and the popular Parc de Les Basses among others…

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The city of the two cathedrals

Seu Vella, also known as the Old Cathedral of Lleida, is a Romanesque and Gothic style cathedral, the very first that existed in the city. Of medieval origin, it later became a military headquarters, depriving the city of its treasured temple. It was King Carlos III who financed the construction of a new cathedral in the 18th century. The architect in charge of this stunning work was Francisco Sabatini, with construction ending in the year 1781.

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