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Los Alcázares, Murcia

Come to the heart of Costa Cálida

Discover Los Alcázares, Murcia

With an average yearly temperature between 64ºF and 69ºF, Los Alcázares is a privileged tourist destination where you can enjoy your holidays any time of the year. Located in Ribera del Mar Menor, it has San Javier to the North (it is just 3 miles from the International Airport), Cartagena to the South and Torre Pacheco to the West.

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Its coastline has more than 4 miles of beaches, ideal to relax and have a refreshing swim in the sea and even practice your favourite water sports. The 7 beaches in Los Alcázares are of calm and shallow waters and they are united by the seafront promenade that is flanked by palm trees, offering some of the most amazing views at sunrise over the Mar Menor in the whole of the Costa Cálida.

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There are two protected natural areas in Los Alcázares: the beach of La Hita to the north, which are wetlands where multiple bird species such as the heron or the shrike; and Marina del Carmolí to the south, a salt marsh where you can find a rare community of plants, the albardine, which is characteristic of salt marshes. You may also find the Spanish toothcarp, an endangered fish, living in the nearby ponds.

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Gastronomy lovers can enjoy the famous traditional local vegetables and, of course, try the most popular local dish: caldero. Caldero is a recipe made with different types of fish and the broth is used to make a delicious rice dish.

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There is a never-ending list of leisure activities in Los Alcázares. The Municipal Aeronautic Museum is a great opportunity for aviation lovers to discover the history of the first ever hydroplanes in Spain and also one of the most complete collections of military aviation. They can also visit the watchtowers of Rame, Silva, Blanca, Negro and Saavedra, built at the end of the Middle Ages to protect the coastline from Berber pirates. There are also many different local festivals that take place every year here: Carnival, Fiestas de las Lomas del Rame or the International Week of the Garden and Sea among others.

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Exclusive brand-new 4-star spa-hotel integrated in a professional 18-hole golf course next to Mar Menor, in Los Alcázares, Murcia. It is ideal for business and tourism and it includes a restaurant, swimming pools, gym, and rooms for events, all of this just 10 minutes from the beaches and Murcia-San Javier Airport. Water slide: slide all the way to the water and feel the adrenaline! Discover our swimming pools.

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