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Oasys MiniHollywood theme park

Parque Oasys – MiniHollywood

Welcome to the Wild West

The world of legend has a special place in PLAYA SENATOR. In Tabernas, the only Desert in Europe, authentic scenes from Westerns are recreated…

Playa Senator

Come and experience a world straight out of the movies

The Park is created on the oldest set, where dozens of films of the Spaghetti Western genre were filmed, including “For a few dollars more” and “The good, the bad and the ugly”.

At the most original Theme Park in the Mediterranean, you will find live shows which recreate life in the Far West, authentic film experts and lovely Can Can dancers, the museum of the history of film (one of the best in Spain) and a museum of carriages and stagecoaches.

A place to explore and dream

You can also enjoy the Zoological Reserve, with over 170 species of animals from different continents, specialising in desert habitats and especially in the African Savannah. Visit the areas which are home to tigers, cheetahs, pumas… And enjoy the Museum of Footprints, the reptilarium, the crocodile pool, the aviary, the cat enclosure, the children’s zoo and the live Parrot Show. Discover our new Desert Themed Show and don’t miss the fantastic Cactus Garden with over 300 species.

Playa Senator