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A buffet for all tastes

Gastronomy is one of the most important matters for us. For this reason, in our hotels we offer buffets which provide a large selection of products of the highest quality so that all our guests can enjoy a satisfactory experience. For this, our chefs and nutritionists work together to bring you nutritionally balanced menus.

In our hotels with buffet you can find over 150 different products and cooking shows so that you can elaborate your perfect breakfast, as well as two types of meat, fish, soups and stews, three special cold dishes, four types of garnish, one type of salad and crudités for your lunches and dinners.

Added to this is our cooking shows with meats, fish, pasta, crêpes, eggs and salads as well as the fun themed sections, the fantastic Saturday gala dinners with a larger buffet, the delicious dessert area or the baby corner which serves baby foot elaborated daily for our youngest guests.

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Special menus

At our hotels we elaborate special menus for those guests who may be allergic to gluten or lactose among many others. Also, the diversity in our buffets allows us to offer a wide range of preparations and products for guests who are vegetarian or with other eating habits.

This way, our main objective is to satisfy the needs of our guests, offering them cuisine of the highest quality that will allow them to enjoy their holidays without worrying about food.

Gluten-free menus

We have been pioneers in signing a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Coeliac Associations Federation, which means that our staff receives training on coeliac disease, gluten-free diets and in how to elaborate, process and present gluten-free dishes so that our guests can enjoy a large gastronomic selection adapted to their needs.

Also, we are proud that for the last seven years we have continued to expand our range of gluten-free products, thus providing more diversity to our guests.

This way, all that our coeliac guests have to do is notify us about their condition during the booking process in order to be helped by our kitchen staff on arrival and agree on a suitable menu for their food requirements.

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Senator Hotels & Resorts
Senator Hotels & Resorts

Vegetarian menus

Our hotels with buffet include a wide range of dishes in order to satisfy any guest with a particular need or food habit. For this reason, we have a wide range of vegetarian dishes and preparations, so they can enjoy their holidays without worrying about food.

Lactose-free menus

At present, there are more and more people who are lactose intolerant. For this reason, our staff have received training from the Lactose Intolerance Association so that chefs can offer an adequate service and a gastronomic offer of the highest quality which is adapted to the needs of guests with this type of intolerance.

For this reason, all Playa Hoteles and diverhoteles establishment have obtained the Authorised Establishment distinction issued by ADILAC (Spanish Lactose Intolerance Association) which states our commitment to provide a fully personalised service.

Any guests with lactose intolerance just have to notify us regarding this condition during the booking process so that our staff can provide a first-class service from the moment they arrive.

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