Senator Hotels & Resorts
Senator Hotels & Resorts

Pay for your stay in instalments

Up to 6 months!

Pay for your booking at Senator Hotels & Resorts in instalments. Quick, flexible and without hidden charges.

Book a stay with us for an amount of up to €2,500 through our website or call centre (950335335) and pay in up to 6 comfortable monthly instalments. All you need is a credit card and a Spanish ID.

How does paying in instalments work?

It is quick and easy.

Select the Aplázame payment method when you receive the email to complete the payment for your booking. You choose the number of monthly instalments and the day you want to be charged.

No hidden charges

No small print. You will always know exactly how much you are paying and when.

Flexible and safe

You can choose the credit card or Paypal account you wish to be charged. Your data will be protected and kept safe.

Enjoy your stay!

Aplázame will instantly notify you if the loan has been approved. Then all you have to do it pack your bags and have fun.


Do I need to have an Aplázame account?

No. Aplázame is a system that provides a fast, direct service.

Where is the Aplázame button?

You will find the Aplázame instalments option in the email we will send you to complete the payment of your booking.

Who can buy using Aplázame?

Any buyer of legal age with a credit card or a PayPal account.

What is the credit rate (APR)?

The APR is 16.02%. During special campaigns, interests may be as low as 0%.

When must I pay the instalments?

The moment you perform the down payment, your selected credit card or PayPal account will be charged. From that day onwards, you will be charged the remaining instalments monthly on the selected day.

Can I pay my pending payments in advance?

Of course! You can pay your pending payments in advance on the Aplázame website.

Senator Hotels & Resorts

Financing conditions

When you request a loan, you will be asked for a down payment. The amount of your loan will be the total amount minus the down payment. That is the amount you will pay in instalments over the selected period. For example, a 6-month loan would involve 7 payments: the down payment performed upon receiving the loan, and 6 monthly instalments following the purchase.

The SMS sent by Aplázame implies no cost for you.

The loan is subject to the fulfilment of the requirements specified by Aplázame. If you have any questions about the loan, you can contact them by calling 91 903 30 15 or by writing an email to