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Gluten-free hotels are the perfect option for families who wish to travel without having to worry about this celiac disease. In fact, in some cases allergy to gluten can become a big problem when it comes to eating out, especially for those who have only recently been diagnosed with it, since they still may not know exactly which measures they must take in order to enjoy a safe and healthy diet.

For this reason, families which include a member with a celiac disease usually search for gluten-free holidays and although on many occasions this is a challenge, in our gluten-free hotels you will find everything you need so all you have to worry about is having fun and relaxing.

So much so that at Senator Hotels & Resorts we have spent the last seven years training our chefs in this matter and offering products which are totally suitable and safe for our guests who are on a gluten-free holiday.

Senator Hotels & Resorts
Senator Hotels & Resorts
Senator Hotels & Resorts

Gluten-free hotels

Collaboration with Spanish Coeliac Associations Federation (FACE)

At Senator Hotels & Resorts we are strongly committed to our coeliac guests, which is why we were pioneers in signing a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Coeliac Associations Federation, which has certified us as a gluten-free hotel since 2011.

This way, our staff receives training on how to process, elaborate and present gluten-free dishes as well as all the information and latest news on coeliac disease.

As a result, we are proud to offer a nutritionally complete and varied gluten-free menu of the highest quality so that all our guests can feel comfortable and enjoy their stay.

Senator Hotels & Resorts

Gluten-free hotel

All Playa Hoteles, diverhoteles, Caleia Hotels and Senator Hotels establishments are gluten-free hotels. In other words, they are totally suitable and safe for families with coeliac members who wish to come and stay with us.

And so, since 2011, the quality department detected the need of many of our clients to have a special menu and since then we offer, at no extra cost, different and delicious gluten-free dishes as well as dishes suitable for guests with other celiac diseases.

So much so that during these years we have trained our staff so that they have full knowledge on everything related to this celiac disease as well as on procedures to elaborate all kinds of dishes. This has allowed us to create a gluten-free menu that will not bore our guests thanks to the large selection of dishes it includes.

This fantastic gastronomic offer is completely safe for coeliacs, since it has been elaborated following all the standards and procedures indicated by FACE, always thinking about the safety and well-being of our guests. Also, at Senator Hotels & Resorts we offer gluten-free drinks such as instant chocolate or beer, as well as the rest of drinks that you can drink risk-free such as soft drinks, fruit juice or wine.

Any guest which requires a gluten-free menu or a special menu for any other kind of celiac disease, please notify us during the booking process so that you can meet our kitchen staff on arrival at the hotel and choose the dishes you wish to eat, always adapted to our needs.

This way, our experience and quality have resulted in our hotels becoming references for guests who choose gluten-free destinations.