Our commitment

At Senator Hotels & Resorts our priority is your health

With over 53 years of experience in the industry, we have always been innovative in many protocols and cleaning standards. Now even more, we join your concern for our collective health, and we have put in place new and reinforced protocols of hygienization that allow everyone to enjoy our facilities and have a safe stay.


Además de la limpieza y desinfección habitual con productos DIVERSEY, desinfectaremos con OZONO habitaciones, zonas de paso y zonas nobles de forma permanente.

In addition to the usual cleaning and disinfection with DIVERSIFIED products, we will disinfect rooms, passage areas and public areas regularly with OZONE. This disinfectant biocide is very powerful and efficient against all types of microorganisms, and eliminates odors and any polluting agents such as viruses, fungi or bacteria in the air.

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Temporary protocol

We reinforce the daily cleaning protocol of your room with special emphasis on the high-touch areas like the knobs and the light switches.

After guests check-out, the rooms will remain unoccupied for at least 24 hours and will undergo a disinfection process.

We’ll reduce amenities to prevent contagious elements, and everything will be at your disposal at reception if you need anything.

All our cleaning products will be complemented by disinfectant.

Each room will receive an ozone treatment after each occupation.


Temporary protocol

We reinforce the jobs necessary to guarantee our guests’ safety and protect our staff under all health regulations. We also protect our staff through EPIS.



You will find approved hydroalcoholic gel dispensers for mandatory use in most areas of our establishments.



Streamline your entrance from home, reducing paperwork and waiting time at reception. We keep innovating for you.



Temporary protocol

We will have a designated staff that will disinfect each sunbed and lounge chair after each use.

Sunbeds and lounge chairs will be located at least 1.5 m apart.

At the end of the day, the pool area will undergo a thorough disinfection process.


Temporary protocol

Capacity will be reduced to prevent crowding and the safety distance between tables will be controlled.

Food will be served directly by our kitchen team, displayed in individual portions or through a new concept of buffet-circuit with pre-established routes, avoiding crossings and with controlled capacity.

We will use single-use napkins.

We will have specific personnel to check the capacity, prevent crowding and take maximum hygiene measures. In all cases, in our bars you will continue to enjoy the best all-inclusive service with the best brands ever.

As soon as we can, our buffet system will be back to what our guests know.



Temporary protocol

Our entertainers will receive specific training to carry out activities with small groups.

Reforzaremos los miniclubs por edades, priorizando actividades al aire libre y evitando contactos. We will divide the Kids Clubs by age, prioritize outdoor activities and avoid physical contact. All the material used in the activities will undergo a thorough cleaning and hygiene process.

As soon as possible, we will offer you again the usual animation.


What is the maximum capacity allowed in the hotels?

We will never admit more than 70% of the hotel’s capacity. However, we will always take into consideration the prevailing regulations regarding the permitted capacity in hotels, restaurants and pool areas.

Will there be different time slots for accessing the restaurants?

Our facilities will never reach 100% of their capacity. However, we might have to set several consecutive time slots for breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to guarantee the safety distance between guests. But we will always take into consideration the prevailing regulations.

Will access to the pool be limited?

Access to the pool area will depend on the regulations set by the authorities at any given time. The capacity will vary between hotels but will always be based on not admitting more than 70% of the hotel’s capacity. The Guest Service in charge of disinfecting the hammocks will also be in charge of making sure guests maintain the appropriate safety distance.

Will the services included in the All-Inclusive plan be reduced?

No. Neither the services of the All-Inclusive plan nor of any other plans or board types will be reduced as a result of the new protocols. We will simply change the way the services are provided.

Depending on the features of each hotel, the buffets will be:

– Buffet-circuit with pre-established routes to avoid crowding, with controlled capacity and mandatory use of masks.

– Buffet assisted by the kitchen staff (show cooking).

In all cases, the strictest hygiene measures will always be applied.

What will the entertainment be like?

The activities will be for smaller groups sorted by age groups and will mostly consist in outdoor activities that won’t involve contact between the participants, but always adhering to our motto: “With entertainment always in your heart.” Our staff will disinfect the materials every time they are used.

Must I wear a mask in the hotel facilities?

Wearing a mask is not necessary when among people of the same family group or when safety distance can be maintained, but this recommendation is subject to the prevailing regulations. The use of masks will be mandatory at the buffet-circuit, for your own safety and that of other guests and hotel staff.

Are the water slides open?

Yes, the water parks and slides are open. The areas that aren’t in direct contact with water, such as handrails or showers, will be disinfected more regularly, whereas the water slides will always be disinfected thanks to the constant flow of chlorinated water.

Access will be limited based on the prevailing regulations applicable to this type of facilities. We will also make sure social distancing is maintained with the help of our lifeguards, who will still be present at the water slides.

Can I go to the beach?

The city halls of the different municipalities are the ones in charge of making sure their beaches remain clean and hygienic, and of making sure the rulings and instructions issued by the State at any given time are adhered to.

Which payment methods do the hotels currently accept?

We accept all payment methods known to our guests, but for safety reasons we recommend you pay with credit card or add payments to your room charges to avoid handling cash insofar as possible.

Are the cleaning and disinfection procedures the same in the Playamarina, Paraíso Playa and The Residences apartments and in Senator Mar Menor?

Yes, the cleaning and disinfection procedures in the apartments and the hotels are the same.

Furthermore, the apartments will contain cleaning products and utensils for guests to use at any time during their stay.

Which brand of cleaning products do you use?

We use world-renowned certified products such as Diversey and Ecolab. More specifically, we use products by these brands that are effective against a wide range of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts. They are not harmful to health, surfaces or the environment.

Is the online check-in compulsory?

The online check-in is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended to avoid surprises at reception, reduce paperwork and speed up your entry. You can check in to all hotels from any computer or mobile device.

Are the spa centres open?

Yes, the hotel spa centres are open and operating with all necessary hygiene, safety and distancing measures in place.