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Hotel managers

Subject to accreditation upon arrival at the hotel

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Hotel managers

If you are not entirely happy with the running of your establishment, if you have profitability problems or you simply want to improve the hotel management, you need the support of a major group, which is why we are offering you the chance to join Playa Senator. We have all the necessary elements to fulfil your business’ expectations:

  • Best value for money: benefit from our conditions and control system, which ensure lower costs, better hiring and quick adaptation to the market’s continuous changes.
  • Commercial Capacity, agreements with the main tour operators and wholesalers. Large commercial network, “VIP Playa Club” loyalty programme and the importance of being part of a renown prestigious brand.
  • Operational Management knowledge: we have highly skilled technical staff thanks to our many years of accumulated experience in the industry.
  • Financial stability: we own many hotels, with all the stability and guarantees that it entails.
  • We are driven by our will to grow, because a job well done has the reward of having satisfied clients.
  • We wish to manage your hotel just like if it was our own. Benefit from our advantages and maintain its ownership. Make the most of our experience in management or leasing.

Expansion Department

Edificio Grupo Hoteles Playa

Avenida Faro Sabinal 341

04740 Roquetas de Mar (Almeria)

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