Playa Senator

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If you book here, you can relax: you will stay in our hotels with the guarantee of the best online price.

In the event that you were to find a better price, not only would we match it but also apply an additional 5% discount.

It is as easy as this:

  • Book with us
  • If you find another site on the Internet with a better price and matching all conditions, inform us with all the details of where you found the offer that is better than ours (the booking should be available and all the details and conditions will have to match or better our offer).
  • We will check it and, if correct, we will correct the price of your reservation
  • We cannot accept a matching price derived from a loading or publishing error of the prices on the different websites.
  • We will accept to match the price only if it is possible to book the inferior price through the channel in question.


Our advance offers are a great saving for you. By booking them you can relax despite doing so in advance: in the hypothetical event that we were to lower the public price of your booking after you make it, we will match the price for you.


The descriptions at correspond to real life. If during the first 24 hours of your stay you were to find differences with these, we kindly ask you to communicate it to the hotel manager. If within 12 hours we have not corrected them, you can leave from your stay with us and we will refund you the total amount paid for your stay and we will also add a compensation package of 180 € per room (for stays of minimum 5 nights).