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    • Caleia Mar Menor Golf: alojamiento + green

      Caleia Mar Menor Golf: Alojamiento + Green

      Caleia Mar Menor Golf: Accommodation + Green

      Play golf this September. Take advantage of our offer and book your stay with accommodation and breakfast at special prices!


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    • Monoparental

      Oferta Monoparental

      Single parent offer

      Single-parent family offers with children

      Children stayfree

    • Special offer for teenagers

      Oferta especial para adolescentes

      Special offer for teenagers

      Teenagers, between 15 and 17.99 years old, can enjoy their stay with a 50% discount.

      UP TO50% disc

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    • Romote working

      Work remotely from Marbella at Senator Marbella Spa Hotel

      Work remotely from Marbella at Senator Marbella Spa Hotel

      Enjoy the sun, the swimming pool, the spa and everything that a city like Marbella has to offer, working from a connected room made up of two rooms: one prepared for rest and the other for work with the best equipment.


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    • Black Friday 2020

      Black Friday 2020

      Black Friday 2020

      Pay less now. Enjoy more and choose your holidays for next summer. Valid offer from 23 to 30 November.


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